Catie Aasen

Alumni Coordinator


You are a part of Holy Spirit Prep’s history and can positively impact its future. We invite you to reconnect with your alma mater and hope to see you back on campus soon!

Connect with Alumni through Wavelength

Interested in connecting with other alumni or sharing your own career updates? We invite you to create an account with Wavelength, our online alumni network. All you need to do is create a password to receive access to your profile.

When you create an account, you unlock:

  • Access to contact information, social profiles, and career information for Holy Spirit Alumni.
  • Expand your professional network, reconnect with classmates, and find people who live near you.
  • Ability to send group messages to alumni.
  • Privacy and subscription controls so you can manage your contact preferences and profile visibility.
  • An easy way to donate.

Once you create an account, review your data to make sure your information is up to date. When logged in, you can access the directory.

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Introducing Elizabeth and Jesus

Portrait of an HSP Graduate

At Holy Spirit Preparatory School, we are committed to graduating men and women who:

  • Recognize their infinite value and dignity as persons made in God’s own image;
  • Embrace and live the teachings of the Catholic faith;
  • Form their consciences according to the objective truth of the Gospel;
  • Pray daily, attend Mass faithfully, and contemplate the beauty of Creation;
  • Treasure the blessings of their own families;
  • Approach relationships with love and with hope in the goodness of others;
  • Share the love of Christ with those who do not yet know Him;
  • Seek to be happy and generous husbands and wives, and fathers and mothers, when called to married life;
  • Seek to be happy and generous in their vocations when called to the priesthood or religious life;
  • Possess an integrated knowledge of traditional academic disciplines in the arts and sciences;
  • Think deeply, logically, imaginatively, and prayerfully to make decisions according to right reason;
  • Communicate clearly through both the written and spoken word;
  • Participate confidently in diverse athletic, artistic, and intellectual pursuits;
  • Maintain healthy habits of work, leisure, exercise, and rest;
  • Embrace their civic duty to improve their communities through personal engagement;
  • Possess magnanimous character with generous hearts;
  • Appreciate profoundly the Holy Spirit Prep communion, and consider themselves as sustaining members of it;
  • Serve as leaders in their college, parish, and social communities;
  • Utilize technology and media responsibly to foster authentic relationships;
  • Protect the dignity of the unborn, the aged, the poor, and the suffering;
  • Respect cultures and beliefs not their own in Christian charity;
  • Thirst to acquire new knowledge continually;
  • Experience the true freedom that is the fruit of virtuous living;
  • Look forward with joyful hope to spending eternity with God in heaven.

Thank You for Making a Difference

We are proud of our alumni! Thank you for being an important part of Holy Spirit Preparatory School. We congratulate you on your accomplishments and look forward to staying connected.

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